Restaurant & Takeaway
Aberdeenshire, AB32
T:01330 860601
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sticky Toffee Bomb
+ Add (£5.95)
Charline Venilla Caramel
Dairy vanilla ice cream with swirls of cherry sauce and topped with black candied cherries.
+ Add (£5.95)
Orange Ripieno---No6
+ Add (£5.95)
Coconut Ripieno---No6
Authentic Indian Pistachio Kulfi
+ Add (£5.95)
Lemon Ripieno
+ Add (£5.95)
Mango Kulfi
Chocolate Milkshake---No5
+ Add (£4.95)
Tartina Fantastica
A special blend using the fines kulfi with a unique saffron sauce served in a ceramic bowl and decorated with pistachios and almonds.
+ Add (£5.95)
Cocoberry Bombe
A tropical fruit ice cream with kiwi syrup.
+ Add (£5.95)
Sharkie ( Ice Cream 4 Kids
Finest dairy vanilla ice cream containing honey sauce and nougat pieces. Decorated with roasted caramelised almonds.
+ Add (£4.50)
Ice Cream
+ Add (£4.50)
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